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PRBM - SCROZZLE robot, no group name, captured and imprisoned at Grid Battl...
Power Rangers review: The Forces of Evil - Villains "New"

Scrozzle Lives!
Campbell Cooley в Твиттере: "I was not expecting this to be

Evox's early Christmas presents: A Morph-X tower, and a mobile body fo...
Pascal в Твиттере: "Evox's early Christmas presents: A Morph

"Hey rookies, meet my new friends, Scrozzle & Tronics!"
Den-O(bi-Wan Kenobi) в Твиттере: ""Hey rookies, meet my new

Crystal Dimension.
XXVI-XXVII. Locations - Morphin' Legacy

Все фотографии.
Power Rangers или Могучие Рейнджеры Звероморферы, (87355) фо

...Rowan Bettjeman "The Blame Game" Controlatron is a puppet-them...
Season 2 Monsters - Morphin' Legacy

Gigadrones were Zords created by Scrozzle and powered by Morph X. Scrozzle ...
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Scrozzle tries to distract him but Evox knows he failed.
Henshin Grid: Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Cruisin for a B

Will Scrozzle be th...
Will Scrozzle be the Next Main Antagonist? - Power Rangers B

Scrozzle suggest bringing back Koragg.
PwrRngr - All Things Power Rangers! в Твиттере: "#BeastSpoil

Did Blaze just give Scrozzle a compliment?
Campbell Cooley в Твиттере: "Holy guacamole! Did Blaze just

...2.0 is a drill-themed Robotron created by Scrozzle and tasked with assis...
Season 2 Monsters - Morphin' Legacy

...beast morphers dino teamup, evox's revenge, steal the ranger's...
Perfecto! Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 10 Review Thr

Scrozzle getting a-"head" of the Rangers #PowerRangers #BeastMorp...
Julian Do Twitterissä: "Scrozzle getting a-"head" of the Ran

Evox’s Crew Evox’s Crew consists of the robot scientist, Scrozzle and two D...
Villain Motivation Legacy - Morphin' Legacy

Scrozzle's Revenge (2019). gallery.
Scrozzle's Revenge (2019)

Master Grumer wants help Scrozzle to team up with them to defect Kamen Ride...
Power Rangers/Kamen Rider: Kamen Rider Rocket Knight: Episod

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